Our Company

Our company, founded in 2006, specializes in removing unauthorized vehicles from private parking lots - Towing at owner’s expense. Whether you rent a commercial space or own one or several buildings, your parking lots provide a secure place for your clients or tenants to park their vehicles.

Our aim is to inform you that this service exists, and that we are here to offer you a quality service that will meet your needs.

Our Purpose

At RTM, our mandate is to help property owners better manage their private parking lots. Lot owners, shopkeepers, tenants, residential buildings, commercial buildings, and property managers—in short, anyone who owns a private parking lot—often face major problems when it comes to enforcing the parking rules in their parking lots.

Why do private lot owners have so much trouble with parking violations? The answer is simple: because the population is growing year after year, which leads to less and less available parking space. This is compounded by carpooling due to increasing gas prices. As a result, some people choose to ignore private parking regulations. For example, a shopper may park his car in the parking lot of store X in order to shop at store Y across the street. Store X winds up being overwhelmed with illegally parked vehicles and no space in their parking lot for their own customers.

Any owner of a vehicle that is moved or towed in accordance with the law or municipal by-laws must pay the fees. This maximum fee covers all towing operations and accessories used for this purpose. No additional fees may be charged.

Member of the Bureau du taxi et du remorquage

Member of the APDQ (Association des Professionnels du Dépannage du Québec)


Make sure that you understand the City of Montreal by-law concerning towing. For more information, you can consult the following articles:

  • Articles 98-049. a. 65.
  • Articles 98-049. a. 66.
  • Articles 98-049. a. 67.
  • Articles 98-049. a. 68.
  • Articles 98-049. a. 69.

Island of Montreal by-laws concerning towing at owner’s expense

The infractions that may be committed by a tow truck driver operating on private property are as follows:

  • Towing a vehicle for a distance of more than 5 km;
  • Failure to notify the nearest police station of the moving or towing of a vehicle within 60 minutes of the operation;
  • Towing a vehicle when the signage installed in the parking lot does not meet the requirements of the by-law.